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Music expresses that which cannot be said and touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.


More than notes on a page, music is a form of expression and individuality which brings out certain emotions that can only be felt through listening to an instrument.


It has the power to change an individual’s life... calming the mind, loosening the body, and soothing the soul, and that’s what we teach to you.


Summit School of Music provides a comprehensive music tutoring solution to students in the comfort of their homes. Helping you find your uniqueness and teaching you how to express the sounds on the page that resonates with you.


Our music instructors have over 9 years of experience teaching music with professional degrees or extensive performing experience, and a fun, motivating personality that you and your children will love. Catering to all your music goals and needs, our focus is to educate, motivate, and inspire the next generation of musicians.


Teaching to students of all levels, all lessons are taught in the comfort of your home. Saving money and time from being stuck in traffic when traveling to and from a music studio.

As a parent with a busy schedule, this provides the convenience in helping your child get the music education they need, without requiring to drive them around.


Each class is packed with fun and engaging personalized lessons, adding different elements to every week to keep your kids engaged.


Focused on building relationships with students and parents, and teaching how to play an instrument from the heart that results in them gaining a deeper appreciation for music.


Our students don’t learn how to play music, they learn how to impact other people’s lives and inspire them to become better human beings.


Teach your children a skill that can change lives today.