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Owner, Director, Piano Teacher 2011 - Present

B.A. Music, Registered Music Teacher, RCM Certified Teacher

Anderson Chau

Hi parents!

Thank you so much for your interest in in-home piano lessons for your children. As a parent we understand that you are probably looking around for the right school/teacher to teach your children.

Simply know that you are in the right place and we are ready to help you get started! Here at Summit School of Music, our mission is to make a difference, inspire and educate students through music. I truly believe that music can make an everlasting positive affect on a student's life.

As a full time piano teacher myself with over 10 years teaching experience, I have been fortunate to have worked with hundreds of students of all ages and experiences. I've been able to teach and see them grow in front of my very own eyes into amazing pianists, and wonderful human beings. 

I love music and teaching and this is why I expanded from being a solo piano teacher into Summit School of Music. To expand my vision, to work with like-minded teachers who believe in the same values as me, and like I mentioned before, to positively impact as many students as possible through music.

If you decide to enroll with us, know that you'll be working with teachers specially hand picked by me who are young, passionate, highly qualified and experienced in both performance and teaching, and ready to help your children succeed.


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